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Offering on-site repair services and pick-up / drop-off service to the Burlington, Chapel Hill, Pittsboro, and Greater Triangle areas

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Mon-Sat: 9am-8pm

Sun: Emergencies only

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Computer and Data Magic Shop Location

Let us solve your computer and small electronics problems. We specialize in finding solutions to difficult problems. We will fix your problem while giving you the opportunity to learn more about your electronic device. We believe the customer has the right to know as much (or as little) about the repair process as they desire. Call us today for a consultation regarding your repair needs or for advice on new technology purchases.

What we can do for you

This is just a short list of some of the things we can do. If it is electronic, then chances are we can make it work for you.

  • Business to business
  • If you are a fellow repair shop and have a repair that is giving you trouble, let us help you save the day!

  • Laptops
  • Broken Screen Repair
  • Broken Hinge Repair
  • Water / Spilled Beverage Damage
  • New Batteries
  • Upgrades
  • Install more RAM
  • Install a bigger and/or faster hard drive
  • System Tune-ups
  • Make your system run faster / more efficient
  • Fix processor overheating
  • Virus Removal
  • Data Recovery

  • Desktops / Servers
  • Virus Removal
  • Data Recovery
  • UPS (Power backup) - When properly sized, at a bare minimum buys you enough time (10-15 mins) to save your work and shut down your system when the power goes out. The bigger ones can keep you running a lot longer - hours to days even
  • New UPS Recommendation and Installation
  • Battery Replacement (this should usually be done yearly depending on the specific system)
  • System Tune-ups
  • Make your system run faster / more efficiently
  • Fix processor overheating
  • Upgrades
  • Install more RAM
  • Install a bigger and/or faster hard drive
  • Install a more powerful graphics card
  • Custom Builds
  • Scientific Computing
  • Crypto Currency Mining
  • CAD Workstations
  • Video Editing / Rendering Rigs
  • Data Storage Systems (aka GIANT fault tolerant hard drives)
  • HDD (slow - $), SSD (fast - $$), NVMe (fastest - $$$$)
  • Networked or attached
  • Internal (if the system’s case supports it) or external
  • We prefer ZFS for fault tolerance even against bit rot (If you have ever saved a file and came back to it months later only to find that is was corrupted, it’s highly likely you were a victim of bit rot.)
  • HTPCs
  • Monster Gaming Rigs (For those times when simply winning is not enough - deliver the ultimate smackdown to your enemies in fluid HiDef glory)
  • Embedded Controllers

  • Networks
  • Wifi
  • Ethernet (LAN)
  • Cellular Hotspots / Tethering
  • Signal Boosters (for poor signal areas)

  • Data Recovery - Save your pictures, music, and other important stuff.

    Fewer than a handful shops in the whole country are better tooled for this than we are. If it stores data, we can probably recover your files from it. Often we can get back a complete pristine copy, so if your computer wasn’t booting because of a bad hard drive, it becomes a simple matter of putting in a new drive and copying everything over. After that it’ll be like nothing ever happened.

  • Option A) We start here and have a look at your device to see if we can use more economical methods to retrieve your data. This works 99% of the time.
  • Option B) For the other 1% where Option A wasn't successful, and cost is not an issue, and it absolutely HAS to be recovered, we send it out to a facility who has very special (read $$$$$$) tools, and what we are unable to recover, they can usually get. But that comes with a hefty price tag.

    If we or our recovery partners can't get your data, NO ONE CAN.

    Here are some examples of things we can recover your files from

  • Harddisk Drives
  • SSDs
  • Networked or Attached Server Storage Systems
  • Digital Cameras
  • Portable Music Players
  • USB Thumb Drives
  • USB Hard Drives
  • SDCards
  • Phones
  • Tablets
  • Laptops
  • Desktops
  • Servers
  • Antique Media
  • Floppy Disks
  • Zip Disks
  • Bernoulli Drives
  • MFM and RLL Hard Drives
  • And More Still...

  • Operating systems

    We have extensive experience on a ton of different operating systems - some of which you might have heard of. Here is a list of some of the most popular systems we work with:

  • Linux: We really like Redhat, but work well with many others too
  • BSD
  • Windows
  • MacOS
  • Android
  • Arduino (ok, so this last one is more for projects and custom gadgets, but if you need help with something custom, we’ve got you covered)